How to Migrate from CB Email to WallaceTN

Using an official Coldwell Banker email address? (Ex:

If you are currently using a Coldwell Banker email address, you will need to transition to a new email address prior to March 31st when our affiliation with CB ends. Please review the options below, and then complete this form to share your email preferences with us.

So, what are your options? 

Option 1) Create a new email for yourself in another platform (Gmail, etc)

If you have a vanity domain ( or some variation) and would like to create an email address ( that goes along with it for consistent branding, great! Using GoDaddy for your domain? Click here for instructions on setting up a matching email.

You can export everything from your Coldwell Banker email account and import it into whatever mail platform you choose to use going forward. We’ve created a series of videos that details this process — Click here to access the videos.

Option 2) Use the WallaceTN email that we have created for you.

You have the option to use the WallaceTN email address that we have created for you. This email address follows the same structure as the one you had with Coldwell Banker (Ex:

*The first step in setting up your new WallaceTN email is to call your front desk admin to get your one-time temporary PW to sign in and get started.

You will need to export everything from your Coldwell Banker email account and import it into your new WallaceTN account.

Want to handle this process yourself?

Check out Howard’s awesome videos that provide step-by-step details to take you through the process.

Need more hands-on assistance?

Attend one of our in-person email migration sessions. Check the Connect Calendar or ask your broker about upcoming sessions. At these sessions, we will assist you in setting up the new WallaceTN account on your devices. Then, our trusted IT provider will be able to use their cloud-to-cloud transfer method to move everything from your old email into your new one. This includes contacts, messages, etc.

Sample Email Message to Send Your SOI

Communicate about this change to via email to your SOI. Here’s a sample message you can use:

I wanted to be the first to let you know of a change that is happening at my company. We’ve been a franchise of Coldwell Banker since 1988, but the company has been in business under the Wallace family name since 1936. On April 1, we will be going back to our roots, and will be known as Wallace Real Estate, Wallace Commercial, and Wallace Property Management. This decision by our owners was not made quickly or lightly. 35 years ago, joining a strong national franchise was the path to growth. It’s no secret that technology has come a long way in the last three decades. The way homes are marketed, and the way consumers find homes to purchase has also changed. The number of products and services that we have available to us now has exploded exponentially, and over the years, my company has adopted many of them.

It’s important that the agent you choose to help you with your real estate needs knows the local market. And I’m proud to be with a company that has already proven, during it’s 87-year history, that we know east Tennessee. And while it’s important to me that I keep up with our area’s sales statistics, it’s also critical that I know what marketing strategies are most effective in selling homes and property in our area, and that top-notch service is expected.

My company has outgrown the one-size-fits-all offerings of a national franchise and is making this change to have the freedom to react to market and industry adjustments quickly. On April 1, we will become the largest independent real estate company in all of east Tennessee. And, I’m pleased to announce that we have joined Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a network that spans the nation and the globe, and one that is more expansive and diverse than the network we’ve been part of for so long. Being part of this network connects us to hundreds of other independent real estate companies, so that we can continue to serve your real estate needs, no matter the location.

You are, no doubt, wondering what this means for you. It means that you will see new signage and advertising. It means I will be sporting a new logo. It means that the marketing of your property, to bring you the best price for your home, will be adjusted to accommodate my new branding but that I am still here for you.

Keep your eye out for Wallace Real Estate, a local leader with roots in east Tennessee and global connections. I look forward to helping you, your friends, and your family members with your future real estate needs!


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Update Your Email Signature

If you’ve been using a branded email signature that includes the CB logo, or any mention of Coldwell Banker, this will need to be updated. 

We’ve gathered some tutorials for some of the most popular email providers and you can find those below. 

How to change email signature in Gmail

How to change email signature in Outlook

How to change email signature in Yahoo

What about Digital Business Cards?

If you have worked with Media to set up a Digital Business Card, this will be automatically updated to reflect our new branding.

Want to place an order for a new Digital Business Card? Click here. 

Looking for social media info? Click here.