Social media is a powerful tool and we know you will want to share this exciting news with your friends and connections. That’s why we’ve made available a new set of graphics for you to share across a variety of platforms. 

Graphics with the CBW logo can be used for the rest of March, but beginning April 1st, all social media graphics must be branded with the new Wallace logo. 

You can find new branded graphics below. We will continue to update these options monthly with holiday graphics, market stats, etc. You can also find cover/banner images for the various social media platforms with our new logo. 

We’ve also added a few FAQ that we anticipate you might be wondering about below. If you have specific questions, you can always reach out to Kate Spears or attend an upcoming session.

Will I have to delete everything related to CB on social media?
Thankfully, no. Anything posted while we are still affiliated with Coldwell Banker is fine to leave on your social media platforms. This includes older graphics, images, etc from previous months/years. You just can't use the CB logo on any posts going forward on April 1st.
Will I have to delete my Facebook Business Page and start a new one?
As long as you are able to update the name of your Facebook Business Page so it no longer contains Coldwell Banker, you can keep using the same Page. It can be tricky to change your Facebook Page username, including sometimes having a delay for Facebook to approve the change. Make this switch near the end of March.
Does changing the name of my social media platforms change their links?
It depends. If you are just changing the name of certain platforms, the links will not change. However, if you change the Facebook Page username, this will cause the URL to change (i.e. facebook/com/AgentNameColdwellBanker becomes or some variation)