Setup A Vanity Domain

Purchase a Vanity Domain

Let’s discuss how to purchase a domain. In this chapter we will use GoDaddy to procure a domain – GoDaddy is a preferred vendor due to their phenomenal customer support!

Connect Your Vanity Domain with Your Moxi Website

Now that you own a vanity domain with GoDaddy, we will need to connect that domain to your Moxi website. In this chapter we will go step by step on how to accomplish this. If you are uneasy about this step, skip to the end of the video with how to get GoDaddy to do this step for you.

Secure your site with SSL: Part 1

Now that you have the vanity setup we need to secure the domain with an SSL Certificate…do not worry, this is not as scary as it seems and only takes seconds to get the process going!

Secure your site with SSL: Part 2

LAST STEP!!! At the moment there is no audio, however this step could not be easier – Go to your settings/SSL in MoxiWebsites…click Activate and DONE!! Please allow up to an hr for the SSL to activate.