Full Service: Details

Single-Side Transaction – $315

Double-Side Transaction – $415


Communication with all pertinent parties throughout the transaction

    • Introduction email to all parties (outside agent, title, lender, inspector(s), clients) involved in the transaction with respective documents & pertinent info 
    • Summary of key dates and transaction info 
    • Summary and Milestone updates to agent and clients 
    • Text reminders to Agent prior to all deadlines
    • TC continually monitors, follows up, and provides updates on all deadlines and contingencies 
    • Agent copied on all email communication 
    • Assist and support any transaction requests from any party in the sale

Document and brokerage compliance 

    • TC will organize and label docs, and continuously upload docs to SkySlope and monitor compliance 
    • Upload completed pending documents to compliance (i.e., ensure all docs are shared with the HUB)
    • Review all pending documents and retrieve any missing signatures and make any corrections under agent direction 
    • Write, execute, and distribute any TAR forms under agent direction throughout sale 
    • Confirm receipt of earnest money and ensure all pertinent parties receive confirmation of earnest money receipt
    • If applicable, order Home Warranty 
    • Compliance review before closing 
    • Prepare and execute closing paperwork under agent direction (i.e., Buyer final & PCD Update) 


    • Provide inspector recommendations to buyer clients when applicable
    • Schedule inspections as requested and provide inspector with pertinent info regarding the property and contact info for buyer and listing agent
    • Provide informational email to buyers and sellers on what to expect with inspections
    • Ensure termite letter received, signed, invoice to title when applicable
    • Write Repair/Replacement Proposals and/or Amendment or Notification under agent direction
    • Ensure any repairs are completed before closing and documentation received and sent to other party


    • Introduction to lender with all necessary documents
    • Support any questions or requests from lender
    • Confirm appraisal ordered
    • Confirm appraisal due date and follow up
    • Confirm appraisal received; support follow up plan if appraisal is low or requires repairs
    • Ensure lender is on track for CD release and closing date


    • Send bound Purchase and Sale Agreement along with all other pertinent docs
    • Send transaction sheet containing pertinent contact info, key dates, commission split, etc.
    • Ensure title work and loan payoffs on track 
    • Request and review ALTA for accuracy 
    • Connect multiple title companies when transactions are contingent on other sales


Additional Coordination 

    • Coordinate final walk throughs, notify parties, and add to Agent’s calendar 
    • Coordinate closing time and send to all parties and add to Agent’s calendar 
    • Gather and provide utility information 
    • Provide information regarding closing (e.g., utilities, location, and time of closing)
    • Coordinate and notify any other appointments as needed

Note: $50 nonrefundable deposit required at time of order. Should your contract fall through, this deposit will transfer to your client’s next contract.