Corporate Fonts


Hurme Geometric Sans No.4 includes seven weights with true SmallCaps and obliques. Uppercase swash alternates can be applied to all characters or just to first and last characters of the words. Whenever possible, Hurme Geometric Sans No.4 should be used. But in cases where the designated typefaces are not available, alternatives are Museo Sans & Gill Sans. 

You can purchase the entire font family by clicking this link.
You may also use an alternative free version by clicking this link.

Luxury Approved Font


Ambroise is a Modern serif typeface designed by French designer Jean Francois Porchez in 2011. The design is a contemporary take on the classic Didone typefaces of the nineteenth century – Ambroise is available in five weights and can ONLY be paired with the Wallace Luxury brand. Similar alternative options include Didot and Bodoni Poster. 

You can purchase & download the official font by clicking this link.