Dee Sign

Our new name & branding will also require new signs for all listings. With an eye-catching design that really pops, your listings will turn heads in the market for sure. 

Your Wallace team has negotiated rates with DeeSign and we have already purchased an order of signs for every current listing. 

If you have custom signs that you already have in stock, we have done our best to order replacement panels for you. If you already ordered panels, you will receive replacements signs. If in the past you only had the swinging version of the post (curved), you will receive the full set of post & sign with our new branding.

However, if you used a vendor other than DeeSign, we won’t have your replacement panels ready to go right away, but we can order them. This also applies for any larger custom signs (4×4) that you may have. These will also be replaced.

Check with your broker as a next step if you have specific sign questions. We will have a new online store with DeeSign, and you can access it at