Check Your Agent Bio

This is a great time to update your agent bio! In addition to making sure to change all instances of CB, Coldwell Banker, etc. to Wallace, you can also add any new designations or certifications you have received. Tip: Create your bio in a Word doc or notes app, and then simply copy/paste it to all the places it needs to live.

Download NEW Wallace Logo

New logos are available on Connect. Find them here.

Update Website Logo in FlexMLS

Sign into your FlexMLS account and click on your initials in the top left. From the dropdown, select “My Profile.” On the next page, click “Personal Photo and Logo Maintenance” to add our new logo to your account. > Click NEW > Click LOGO > Give the logo a name “Wallace 2023” > Choose file to upload new Wallace logo > Click ADD > after upload is complete, highlight your agent photo so your photo will show in your member profile

Update Profile in CRS

Log into > Click on “Menu” in upper left corner > In first column under TAXES click on CRS Profile & Settings > Review and update Branding Preferences as needed. Please note that the company logo is not displayed on this website, but the company name and your agent email address is displayed.

Update profile & logo in RPR

Log into > Click on “Menu” in upper left corner > In third column click on RPR > In upper right corner, click on drop-down menu for Profile > Upload new company logo, update the company name, and (if needed) update your email address

Update profile in Zillow

Sign into your Zillow account, and hover over the tab “Agent Hub” in the top right. Select “Profile” in the dropdown menu, and then on the next screen you will see a box at right called “Manage Your Profile.” Click the “Edit” tab and then select “Profile” to go in and change the name of the brokerage.

If you have added a URL for a video that has any CB, Coldwell Banker, CBW, etc branding, this will need to be updated.

You may also want to check your “About Me” section to see if you have made any reference to CB, Coldwell Banker, CBW, etc in your agent bio section. This will need to be updated as well.

Update profile & logo in

Sign into your account as a Professional. In the Profile section on the left, you can manage your profile to update your Cover Image & Bio to reflect these changes.

Update profile on Movoto

Click here to visit Movoto and sign into Movoto Agent Account. Update information as needed (no need to upload logo)

Change personalization settings on SupraWeb

Click here to log into SupraWeb > Click on SETTINGS > Click on General Email > update email as needed (no need to upload logo)

Update photo and logo on Transaction Desk

Click here to visit Transaction Desk. Agents cannot change Company Name or email, so this will be changed for you at the company level. The only thing you can upload is your agent photo.

Update NextDoor and/or HomeLight business account

Do you have a NextDoor or HomeLight business account? Make sure you update profiles on these platforms as well.

Update Broker Bay account (formerly Showing Time)

We have recently transitioned from Showing Time to Broker Bay. If you have a Coldwell Banker email address associated with the MLS, that will need to change. When that changes, it will cause the email in Broker Bay to change as well, but you don’t have to do anything.

Update Video across various platforms

If you are using any Coldwell Banker branded videos to market yourself on various platforms, you will need to remove those. Your Wallace Media team has created a new set of advertising campaigns that you can use to replace them.


If your website domain/URL contains any reference to Coldwell Banker, CB, CBW, or CBWW, that will need to change. You can purchase a new domain through GoDaddy, which can be easily linked to your Wallace Moxi website.

If you haven’t already, get your Wallace Moxi website set-up!

Your company-provided agent website will be powered by Moxi. Many of you have already created a Moxi website, which can be easily transitioned from CB to Wallace. If you haven’t activated your Moxi website yet, this is a great time! You can opt for a ready-made template version or add as much customization as you wish to get maximum benefits from this effective marketing platform.

Update Social Media Covers/Banners

If you are currently using CB or CBW branded graphics as the cover/banner image on your social media, those will need to change. We’ve linked to tutorials for some of the most popular social media platforms below. New graphics have been added to Connect, and more will be added as we move forward.

Change Cover on Facebook  |  Change Cover on Twitter  |  Change Cover on LinkedIn  |  Change Cover on YouTube Channel

Update Social Media Account Names

If you have incorporated any form of CB, Coldwell Banker, CBW or CBWW into your social media page names, this will need to change. We’ve linked to tutorials for some of the most popular social media platforms below.

Update Social Media Profile Info

If there is any mention of CB, CBW, Coldwell Banker or CBWW in your social media profiles (personal bio, About Me, etc.), this will need to change. This is also a great time to check your social media profiles and update anything else that might be out-of-date (contact info, designations, certifications, etc).

Change Your Voicemail Message

Make sure to update your voicemail message so that your marketing is consistent. Sample message below:

Hi, you’ve reached NAME with Wallace Real Estate. I’m sorry I missed you, but I look forward to catching up with you soon. For a quicker response, you can always text me or to start searching for properties, visit my website at www dot (Say Website URL here) dot com. 

Script for Calling Your Clients

With this change is a great opportunity to reach out to your SOI! We’ve put together a sample script you can use to let them know about this transition:

The 5 step process

  1. Salutation: Hey CLIENT NAME, this is YOUR NAME with Wallace Real Estate, I hope you’re doing well! Is this an ok time to talk? Great.
  2. Common Ground (FORD): First of all, how are the kids doing? Playing any sports this spring? And so on…
  3. Purpose of the call: Great to hear all of that. Well listen, I was calling to catch up, but also to let you know I have a new email address as part of a rebranding effort by my company. You’ll be getting some additional information from me, but we’ve rebranded as the largest independent real estate company in Knoxville, and I have updated contact information as a result. Please save my new email [EMAIL ADDRESS] in your contacts. Nothing else has changed, and still the same great service and reputation I strive to provide all of my clients. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this new and exciting update. Everything else going well? Got any fun trips planned this summer?
  4. Common Ground (FORD): It was so great to hear from you Kathy, I’m glad the boys are doing well. Anything fun planned this summer? That sounds great. Hope to see you soon. Thank you!
  5. 2-3 minutes – quick calls.

If changing your email address, it’s important to set up an Automatic Reply to start letting your contacts know.


  1. Click the gear icon (Settings) and search for “Automatic Replies.”
  2. Create a message that will go to contacts inside & outside the organization.

The message might include something like this:

Thanks so much for getting in touch with me. As of March 31st, 2023, I will no longer be using this email address. My new email address is (TYPE IN YOUR EMAIL HERE). Please update your records.

Sample Email to Send Your SOI

We know you’ll want to share this exciting news with your sphere, so we’ve created a sample email that you can copy/paste into a message and send.

This change won’t officially happen until April 1st. However, you can go ahead and let your sphere know it is coming.

I wanted to be the first to let you know of a change that is happening at my company. We’ve been a franchise of Coldwell Banker since 1988, but the company has been in business under the Wallace family name since 1936. On April 1, we will be going back to our roots, and will be known as Wallace Real Estate, Wallace Commercial, and Wallace Property Management. This decision by our owners was not made quickly or lightly. 35 years ago, joining a strong national franchise was the path to growth. It’s no secret that technology has come a long way in the last three decades. The way homes are marketed, and the way consumers find homes to purchase has also changed. The number of products and services that we have available to us now has exploded exponentially, and over the years, my company has adopted many of them.

It’s important that the agent you choose to help you with your real estate needs knows the local market. And I’m proud to be with a company that has already proven, during it’s 87-year history, that we know east Tennessee. And while it’s important to me that I keep up with our area’s sales statistics, it’s also critical that I know what marketing strategies are most effective in selling homes and property in our area, and that top-notch service is expected.

My company has outgrown the one-size-fits-all offerings of a national franchise and is making this change to have the freedom to react to market and industry adjustments quickly. On April 1, we will become the largest independent real estate company in all of east Tennessee. And, I’m pleased to announce that we have joined Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a network that spans the nation and the globe, and one that is more expansive and diverse than the network we’ve been part of for so long. Being part of this network connects us to hundreds of other independent real estate companies, so that we can continue to serve your real estate needs, no matter the location.

You are, no doubt, wondering what this means for you. It means that you will see new signage and advertising. It means I will be sporting a new logo. It means that the marketing of your property, to bring you the best price for your home, will be adjusted to accommodate my new branding but that I am still here for you.

Keep your eye out for Wallace Real Estate, a local leader with roots in east Tennessee and global connections. I look forward to helping you, your friends, and your family members with your future real estate needs!


Agent Name

CMG Loan Officer to rebrand flyer

If you have been using co-branded CMG flyers, those will need to be updated. We will work with our CMG loan officers to create updated versions for agents to use.

Melrose Title Customizable flyer

Using a co-branded flyer provided by Melrose Title? Those are being updated for you and you can access them via Connect.

Update 2-10 Profile

If you have added any info with reference to CB, Coldwell Banker, or CBW to your 2-10 profile, this will need to be updated. If you have questions, you can reach out to our 2-10 Account Rep, Dawn Titsworth.