Chapter 1: Introduction with Claudia Stallings

Lets talk about market stats, what is the consumer asking for? Here Claudia will give you a brief overview on what the market looks like post-COVID and how innovation in technology has changed and will never go back. She will also address how CBW is keeping up with these trends and the many offerings that CBW now offers from September 2021 and on. Being proactive in a market that is continually changing is, not only important for CBW, it is vital for every agent to keep a pulse on the market – allow us to give you a brief summary.

Chapter 2: Let's talk tech with Howard Ouellette

Technology can be confusing…or can it? Here Howard Ouellette will give a very important understanding of CBW’s new technology. This is not only an important value proposition for the agent, but by extension, for their prospective clients. Please take the time to understand how this equipment works and truly what value CBW now offers to our agents.

Chapter 3: Case Studies with Alex Shelton

You know him, you love him! Alex Shelton will go over some real-world case studies of CBW’s new tech in action! What does all this actually look like? How will this differ from current offerings? Should I still use my cell phone…you should not be asking this, or you skipped Howard’s presentation. Take a deep dive into each aspect of what assets CBW can offer you and your clients.

Chapter 4: CBW Connect 2.0!!!

Let Kate Spears welcome you all to Connect 2.0! Let’s take everything we know and love with Connect CBW, remove all the frustrations, add even more offerings while streamlining it all into an intuitive, simple and responsive communication deck. Impossible you say? We will let you be the judge as Kate takes you through a guided tour of our new company-to-agent communication deck; CBW Connect 2.0.