IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! The services in this video are paid services that the agent is responsible to cover on a listing. DO NOT use this video if you do not intend to use CBW Media’s services.

Media Exclusive Offerings: Teaser Video

Going all out on a potential listing? Need a sizzle reel to get that prospective listing? This is a great teaser video to gain anyone’s interest in the media offerings our agents have exclusively with CBW. Please note the cost of each item listed in this reel:

  1. Pro + Camera ($125)
  2. Staging ($10 per photo/$25 for 3)
  3. Video Tour ($100)
  4. 3D Tour ($175)
  5. Adwerx TV (starting at $200)
  6. TrueView (starting at $50)

Although you may not use every service in this video, it is important to note that the potential client you show the video to may ask you to provide any of these services at any time. This video is intended for those agents who are willing to deliver upon those promises.