Connect CBW Intro

Introduction with Howard Ouellette

Join me in a short video tour of Connect CBW! With so much information here it could seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In this short video I will demonstrate the best way to navigate and understand the wonderful tool called – Connect CBW.

Chapter 1: Home

As the title and menu button implies, this is a great second home! A destination for all our corporate and local office communications. When is your offices next party/event? What is CBW up to this week? It is all here folks! Even your KAAR training, lets take a quick look together.

Chapter 2: Info

Lets talk briefly about the INFO tab. Here we will learn about Forums and News…wait…we covered that in the overview! Lets discuss why.

Chapter 3: Training

TRAINING! Lets go over how to RSVP for a class, further your education and even get deep discounts in even further education. We will even spend a little time showing you where to find the prestigious Coldwell Banker University.

Chapter 4: Tools

They are not the ones you use to build a house…or are they? This chapter we will go over CB Tools, Wallace specific and External tools you will use throughout your journey as an Agent.

Chapter 5: Services

With so many services it can get a little complicated. If we take a moment to go over them briefly I think you will feel much less intimidate, grab some popcorn and lets discuss.

Chapter 6: Resources

This is absolute GOLD! but you will not have to mine. Lets talk philanthropy docs like -=!! RESTRICTION DOCUMENT LOCATION !!=-, Images, quick links and even some nifty contact list that will help you on your way…did I mention we will locate those pesky restriction documents here? <-HERE…just click that video link!

Chapter 7: Support

Where would we all be without a little support? Here we will take a little dive into our support module and the infamous Support Ticket System! Where do I find my brokers number? How about that Weekend Hotline I keep hearing rumors about?? It is no myth my friends! It is all here, just waiting for you to click on the last installment of this wonderful Connect CBW training series.